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Golf Magazine's Top 100 Golf Courses in U.S.

Developed by the smallest and most distinguished panel of the three big golf publications, Golf Magazine owns one of the most respected ranking systems. Below is their current Top 100 list with an * marking the public access courses. Courses in BOLD have been played by Billy; a total of 78 so far. Courses in italics are scheduled to played this year.

Top 10 Courses

  1. PINE VALLEY GOLF CLUB (George Crump and H.S. Colt 1918, Pine Valley, NJ)
  2. CYPRESS POINT CLUB (Alister MacKenzie and Robert Hunter 1928, Pebble Beach, CA)
  3. SHINNECOCK HILLS GOLF CLUB (William Flynn 1931, South Hampton, NY)
  4. NATIONAL GOLF LINKS OF AMERICA (C.B. MacDonald 1911, Southampton, NY)
  5. OAKMONT COUNTRY CLUB (Henry Fownes 1903, Oakmont, PA)
  6. Augusta National Golf Club (Alister MacKenzie and Bobby Jones 1933, Augusta, GA)
  7. SAND HILLS GOLF CLUB (Ben Crenshaw and Bill Coore 1994, Mullen, NE)
  8. MERION GOLF CLUB (EAST) (Hugh Wilson 1912, Ardmore, PA)
  9. FISHERS ISLAND CLUB (Seth Raynor and Charles Banks 1926, Fishers Island, NY)
  10. PEBBLE BEACH GOLF LINKS (Jack Neville and Douglas Grant 1919/H. Chandler Egan 1929, Pebble Beach, CA)*
5th Hole at Pine Valley Golf Club
5th Hole at Pine Valley Golf Club

Courses 11-20

  1. PINEHURST RESORT (NO. 2) (Donald Ross 1907, Pinehurst, N.C.)*
  2. LOS ANGELES COUNTRY CLUB (NORTH) (George C. Thomas Jr. 1921, Los Angeles, CA)
  3. Friar's Head Golf Club (Ben Crenshaw and Bill Coore 2002, Riverhead, NY)
  4. CHICAGO GOLF CLUB (C.B. MacDonald 1894/Seth Raynor 1923, Wheaton, IL)
  5. WINGED FOOT GOLF CLUB (WEST) (A.W. Tillinghast 1923, Mamaroneck, NY)
  6. CRYSTAL DOWNS COUNTRY CLUB (Alister MacKenzie and Perry Maxwell 1931, Frankfort, MI)
  7. RIVIERA COUNTRY CLUB (George C. Thomas Jr. and William P. Bell 1926, Pacific Palisades, CA)
  8. PRAIRIE DUNES COUNTRY CLUB (Perry Maxwell 1937/Press Maxwell 1957, Hutchinson, KS)
  9. PACIFIC DUNES GOLF COURSE (Tom Doak 2001, Bandon, OR)*
  10. Seminole Golf Club (Donald Ross 1923, Juno Beach, FL)
4th Hole at Fishers Island Golf Club
4th Hole at Fishers Island Golf Club

Courses 21-30

  1. SAN FRANCISCO GOLF CLUB (A.W. Tillinghast 1918, San Francisco, CA)
  2. THE COUNTRY CLUB (CLYDE/SQUIRREL) (Willie Campbell 1895/Alex Campbell 1902, Brookline, MA)
  3. SOMERSET HILLS COUNTRY CLUB (A.W. Tillinghast 1918, Bernardsville, NJ)
  4. SHOREACRES (Seth Raynor 1921, Lake Bluff, IL)
  5. GARDEN CITY GOLF CLUB (Devereux Emmet 1899, Garden City, NY)
  6. CAMARGO CLUB (Seth Raynor 1921, Indian Hill, OH)
  7. CALIFORNIA GOLF CLUB OF SAN FRANCISCO (A. Vernon Macon 1926/Alister MacKenzie 1928/Kyle Phillips 2007, South San Francisco, CA)
  8. SOUTHERN HILLS COUNTRY CLUB (Perry Maxwell 1936, Tulsa, OK)
  9. MAIDSTONE CLUB (Willie Park Jr. and Jack Park 1924, East Hampton, NY)
  10. BETHPAGE STATE PARK (BLACK) (A.W. Tillinghast and Joseph H. Burbeck 1936, Farmingdale, NY)*
18th Hole at Oaklands Hill Country Club (South)
18th Hole at Oaklands Hill Country Club (South)

Courses 31-40

  1. KIAWAH ISLAND (OCEAN) (Pete Dye 1991, Kiawah Island, SC)*
  2. Ohoopee Match Club (Gil Hanse & Jim Wagner 2018, Cobbtown, GA)
  3. INVERNESS CLUB (Donald Ross 1919, Toledo OH)
  4. BALLYNEAL GOLF CLUB (Tom Doak 2005, Holyoke, CO)
  5. OAKLAND HILLS COUNTRY CLUB (SOUTH) (Donald Ross 1918/Robert Trent Jones 1950, Bloomfield Hills, MI)
  6. SLEEPY HOLLOW COUNTRY CLUB (C.B. Macdonald and Seth Raynor 1911/A.W. Tillinghast 1928, Briarcliff Manor, NY)
  7. PEACHTREE GOLF CLUB (Robert Trent Jones and Bobby Jones 1947, Atlanta, GA)
  8. BANDON TRAILS (Ben Crenshaw and Bill Coore 2005, Bandon, OR)*
  9. QUAKER RIDGE GOLF CLUB (A.W. Tillinghast 1918, Scarsdale, NY)
  10. OAK HILL COUNTRY CLUB (EAST) (Donald Ross 1925, Rochester, NY)
5th Hole at Camargo Club
5th Hole at Camargo Club

Courses 41-50

  1. Old Town Club (Perry Maxwell 1939, Winston-Salem, NC)
  2. THE GOLF CLUB (Pete Dye 1967, New Albany, OH)
  3. Myopia Hunt Club (Herbert Leeds 1896, South Hamilon, MA)
  4. BANDON DUNES GOLF COURSE (David McLay Kidd 1999, Bandon, OR)*
  5. TPC SAWGRASS (PLAYERS STADIUM) (Pete Dye 1981, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL)*
  6. WINGED FOOT GOLF CLUB (EAST) (A.W. Tillinghast, Mamaroneck, NY)
  7. Yeamans Hall Club (Seth Raynor 1925, Hanahan, SC)
  8. ROCK CREEK CATTLE COMPANY (Tom Doak 2008, Deer Lodge, MT)
  10. Wade Hampton Golf Club (Tom Fazio 1987, Cashiers, NC)
14th Hole at Streamsong Resort (Red)
14th Hole at Streamsong Resort (Red)

Courses 51-60

  1. MUIRFIELD VILLAGE GOLF CLUB (Jack Nicklaus and Desmond Muirhead 1974, Dublin, OH)
  2. OLD SANDWICH GOLF CLUB (Ben Crenshaw and Bill Coore 2004, Plymoth, MA)
  3. Eastward Ho! (Herbert Fowler 1922, Chatham, MA)
  4. THE OLYMPIC CLUB (LAKE) (Sam Whiting 1928, San Francisco, CA)
  5. Valley Club of Montecito (Alister MacKenzie/Robert Hunter 1929, Santa Barbara, CA)
  6. PIPING ROCK GOLF CLUB (C.B. Macdonald/Seth Raynor 1913, Locust Valley, NY)
  7. PLAINFIELD COUNTRY CLUB (Donald Ross 1921, Plainfield, NJ)
  8. KITTANSETT CLUB (William Flynn and Frederic Hood 1922, Marion, MA)
  9. PASATIEMPO GOLF CLUB (Alister MacKenzie 1929, Santa Cruz, CA)*
  10. Pikewood National Golf Club (J. Robert Gwynne/John Raese 2009, Morgantown, WV)

Courses 61-70

  1. GAMBLE SANDS RESORT (David McLay Kidd 2014, Brewster, WA)
  2. THE CREEK CLUB (C.B. Macdonald/Seth Raynor 1923, Locust Valley, NY)
  3. THE HONORS COURSE (Pete Dye 1983, Ooltewah, TN)
  4. Essex Country Club (Donald Ross 1917, Manchester, MA)
  5. MORAINE COUNTRY CLUB (Alex 'Nipper' Campbell 1930/Keith Foster 2016, Dayton, OH)
  6. OLD MACDONALD (Tom Doak 2010, Bandon, OR)*
  7. MONTEREY PENINSULA COUNTRY CLUB (SHORE) (Bob Baldock 1961/Mike Strantz 2004, Pebble Beach, CA)
  8. Bel-Air Country Club (George Thomas/William Bell Sr. 1926, Los Angeles, CA)
  9. BALTUSROL GOLF CLUB (LOWER) (A.W. Tillinghast 1922, Springfield, NJ)
  10. GOZZER RANCH GOLF AND LAKE CLUB (Tom Fazio 2007, Harrison, ID)
17th Hole at Nanea Golf Club
17th Hole at Nanea Golf Club

Courses 71-80

  1. MILWAUKEE COUNTRY CLUB (H.S. Colt and C.H. Alison 1929, River Hills, WI)
  2. Congaree Golf Club (Tom Fazio 2017, Ridgeland, SC)
  3. HARBOUR TOWN GOLF LINKS (Pete Dye and Jack Nicklaus 1969, Hilton Head Island, SC)*
  4. Ridgewood Country Club (West/East) (A.W. Tillinghast 1929, Paramus, NJ)
  5. BALTIMORE COUNTRY CLUB (FIVE FARMS EAST) (A.W. Tillinghast 1926, Timonium, MD)
  6. White Bear Yacht Club (William Watson 1915, White Bear Lake, MN)
  7. STREAMSONG RESORT (RED) (Bill Coore/Ben Crenshaw 2012, Streamsong, FL)*
  8. ST. LOUIS COUNTRY CLUB (C.B. Macdonald, St. Louis, MO)
  9. KINGSLEY CLUB (Mike DeVries 2001, Kingsley, MI)
  10. SHEEP RANCH (Bill Coore & Ben Crenshaw 2020, Bandon, OR)*
18th Hole at Congressional Country Club (Blue)
18th Hole at Congressional Country Club (Blue)

Courses 81-90

  1. SHADOW CREEK GOLF CLUB (Tom Fazio 1990, North Las Vegas, NV)*
  2. PRAIRIE CLUB (DUNES) (tom Lehman/Chris Brands 2010, Valentine, NE)*
  3. Hollywood Golf Club (Walter Travis 1915, Deal, NJ)
  4. Newport Country Club (Willis Davis 1894/A.W. Tillinghast 1920, Newport, RI)
  5. MONTEREY PENINSULA COUNTRY CLUB (DUNES) (Seth Raynor 1926/Tom Fazio and Jackson-Kahn 2016, Pebble Beach, CA)
  6. Glen Falls Country Club (Donald Ross 1920, Queensbury, NY)
  7. THE GOLF COURSES OF LAWSONIA (LINKS) (Bill Langford/Ted Moreau 1930, Green Lake, WI)
  8. Wolf Point Ranch (Mike Nuzzo 2008, La Hood, TX)
  9. ARONIMINK GOLF CLUB (Donald Ross 1928, Newtown Square, PA)
  10. Mountain Ridge Country Club (Donald Ross 1929, West Caldwell, NJ)
6th Hole at Creek Club
6th Hole at Creek Club

Courses 91-100

  1. SAND VALLEY RESORT (SAND VALLEY) (Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw 2017, Nekooska, WI)*
  2. PINEHURST RESORT (NO. 4) (Donald Ross 1919/Gil Hanse 7 jim Wagner 2017, Pinehurst, NC)*
  3. Palmetto Golf Club (HC Leeds 1897/Alister MacKenzie 1933, Aiken, SC)
  4. NANEA GOLF CLUB (David McLay Kidd 2003, Kailua-Kona, HI)
  5. STREAMSONG RESORT (BLUE) (Tom Doak 2012, Streamsong, FL)*
  6. SAND VALLEY RESORT (MAMMOTH DUNES) (David McLay Kidd 2018, Nekooska, WI)*
  7. SEBONACK GOLF CLUB (Jack Nicklaus and Tom Doak 2006, Southampton, NY)
  8. CALUSA PINES GOLF CLUB (Michael Hurdzan and Dana Fry 2001, Naples, FL)
  9. BALTUSROL GOLF CLUB (UPPER) (A.W. Tillinghast 1922, Springfield, NJ)
  10. CHERRY HILLS COUNTRY CLUB (William Flynn 1923, Englewood, CO)
Clubhouse at Calusa Pines Golf Club
Clubhouse at Calusa Pines Golf Club

Dropped from the list since 2016

  • COLONIAL COUNTRY CLUB (John Bredemus 1935/Perry Maxwell 1940, Fort Worth, TX)
  • HAZELTINE NATIONAL GOLF CLUB (Robert Trent Jones 1962, Chaska, MN)
  • FOX CHAPEL GOLF CLUB (Seth Raynor 1923, Pittsburgh, PA)
  • ERIN HILLS GOLF COURSE (Michael Hurdzan/Dana Fry/Ron Whitten 2006, Erin, WI)*
  • INTERLACHEN COUNTRY CLUB (Willie Watson 1911/Donald Ross 1921, Edina, MN)
  • CONGRESSIONAL COUNTRY CLUB (BLUE) (Robert Trent Jones 1962, Bethesda, MD)
  • MEDINAH COUNTRY CLUB (NO. 3) (Tom Bendelow 1928, Medinah, IL)
  • SPYGLASS HILL GOLF COURSE (Robert Trent Jones 1966, Pebble Beach, CA)*
  • YALE UNIVERSITY GOLF COURSE (C.B. Macdonald/Seth Raynor 1926, New Haven, CT)
  • EAST LAKE GOLF CLUB (Tom Bendelow 1910/Donald Ross 1924/Rees Jones 1995, Atlanta, GA)
  • SCIOTO COUNTRY CLUB (Donald Ross 1916, Columbus, OH)
  • Philadelphia Cricket Club (Wissahickon) (A.W. Tillinghast 1922, Flourtown, PA)
  • TORREY PINES GOLF COURSE (SOUTH) (William Bell Jr. 1957/Rees Jones 2001, La Jolla, CA)*
  • BOSTON GOLF CLUB (Gil Hanse 2005, Hingham, MA)
  • CHAMBERS BAY GOLF CLUB (Robert Trent Jones Jr. 2007, University Place, WA)*
  • Mountain Lake (Seth Raynor 1916, Lake Wales, FL)
  • BLACKWOLF RUN (RIVER) (Pete Dye 1990, Kohler, WI)*
  • Trump National Bedminster (Old) (Tom Fazio 2004, Bedminster, NJ)
  • OLYMPIA FIELDS COUNTRY CLUB (NORTH) (Willie Park Jr. 1922, Olympia Fields, IL)
  • Trump National Doral (Blue Monster) (Dick Wilson 1962/Gil Hanse 2014, Miami, FL)
  • Bellerive Country Club (Robert Trent Jones Sr. 1959/Rees Jones 2007, St. Louis, MO)
  • Country Club of Fairfield (Seth Raynor 1920, Fairfield, CT)
  • CROOKED STICK GOLF CLUB (Pete Dye and Alice Dye 1964, Carmel, IN)

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