The Creek at Qualchan Golf Course

Golf Course Review by: Bill Satterfield (2008)

Quick Facts

Designer:  William Robinson 1992

Cost:  $23.00 - $27.00 plus $7.00 for a cart Click for current rates

Contact Information:  Phone: (509) 448-9317 - Mark Gardner, Head Professional

Course Website:  Official Website - Visit The Creek at Qualchan's official website by clicking on the link provided.

Directions:  Get here! - 301 E. Meadowlane Road, Spokane, Washington 99224

Photos:  See additional photos of The Creek at Qualchan

Accolades:  Rated 4 Stars on Golf Digest's Best Place to Play publication.

Signature Hole:  1st - 359 Yard Par 4 - The signature hole is often the climax of a round for most golfers. Players anticipate all round long the opportunity to face Sawgrass' 17th hole, Cypress Point's 16th hole, or Pebble Beach's 18th. But at the Creek at Qualchan you are offered the signature hole right off the bat which sets the tone high for the rest of the round. The opening hole at Qualchan takes you off a cliff edge over Latah Creek to the fairway resting nearly 100 feet below. Four bunkers line the fairway near the landing zone which delivers extra anticipation of where your ball will end up as it freefalls from the sky.

This cliff edge tee shot is an exciting way to start the day
Looking from the fairway back to the tee box on top of the cliff
1st Hole at The Creek at Qualchan (359 Yard Par 4)

What to Expect:  The Creek at Qualchan is a fantastic course set in a beautiful natural setting that boasts many species of wildlife. In fact, you know The Creek at Qualchan must be an impressive location since it is a member of the New York State Audubon Society. The course boasts a handful of attractive water hazards, several elevation changes, towering trees, and is an absolute steal with green fees under $30. The course takes you on an adventure right off the bat with a cliff edge tee shot and finishes with a bang by featuring a par five that plays over Latah Creek to a green that is half way back up that same opening tee shot cliff. Qualchan is a beautiful course that you would swear was a private club with the quality of the layout and solid conditioning.

By the Numbers:

Tees Par Yardage Rating Slope
Blue 72 6599 71.3 127
White 72 6180 69.4 124
Red 72 5562 66.7 118
White (Women) 72 6180 75.7 133
Red (Women) 72 5464 71.2 120

Individual Hole Analysis

Best Par 3:  The first par three on the back nine is a solid one-shotter that plays just over 200 yards to a green that is framed by a trio of bunkers. The left side of the hole in lined by a large pond, but it should only come into play if you hit your shot fat or severely under-club. Avoiding the bunkers behind the green is critical to saving par since the green runs away back towards the tee box making it difficult to hold a bunker shot close.

A trio of bunkers frames the back of the green and a pond rests short and left
11th Hole at The Creek at Qualchan (210 Yard Par 3)

Best Par 4:  From an architectural design perspective, the 2nd hole at Qualchan is the finest work on the golf course. The tee shot plays towards a hill in the fairway that is lined with trees on the left and a natural rough area on the right. How far to hit it off the tee is a challenge to determine since the further you hit it the tighter the landing area becomes. If you can place right on top of the hill you are in the best position for at least a partial view of the green, but if you are short of the hill or even past it a ways it offers a blind approach to the very elevated putting surface. The fairway wraps up and to the right before meeting the green while the left side of the green is guarded by a small gorge and some tall trees. The options of how to play this hole and the potential situations you may be faced to navigate through at quite extensive and interesting which results in the hole never being monotonous to play.

The tee shot on the 2nd hole is dangerous with trees on the left and junk out to the right
The approach is blind up to this large, raised green
2nd Hole at The Creek at Qualchan (398 Yard Par 4)

Best Par 5:  The collection of par fives is the strength at Qualchan which makes it difficult in determining which one is the best, but everytime I play it I am convinced the 16th is the winner. First off, the view is beautiful with Latah Creek gliding in the foreground and the aisle fairway cutting through the mature pine trees. A tee shot up the left side of this dogleg left hole will shorten the hole and set you up perfectly for taking a run at reaching the green in two. Delivering yourself an eagle putt means hitting an approach shot over a pond of water that features a small island with a tall tree in the middle of it. So depending on the angle you may have to work your ball around the tree to reach the green, otherwise you can layup to the right and leave yourself a short chip to the hole.

A draw around the corner will set you up for an excellent chance at reaching this green in two
This pretty par five offers a risky approach shot when going for the green in two
16th Hole at The Creek at Qualchan (503 Yard Par 5)

Birdie Time:  An excellent opportunity to score birdie at Qualchan while playing its most controversial hole. The 13th hole has received more than its fair share of criticism due to the non-traditional nature of the tee shot and the feeling that the hole was crammed into a space that wasn't adequate for a golf hole. Personally, I think those critics need to expand their minds a little bit and enjoy the hole for what it is. The hole is a severe dogleg left that plays well downhill to a blind landing zone that is about 225 yards away. A gutsy tee shot is to aim towards the blind green and try and cut the corner, which is a large hill covered in pine trees, and reach the putting surface. It is actually shocking the number of golf balls I've seen hit into those trees on the inside of the dogleg that end up rolling down the hill and finding a portion of the fairway. If you aren't going for the green with your tee shot then all you need to do is hit about a 150 yard shot that will then catch the downslope of the fairway and roll 50-75 yards down to the landing area. From there it is a simple, slightly uphilll, pitch shot of less than 100 yards. Whenever you have that great of a chance to be in the fairway and have a short approach you have a great chance at birdie.

This may be the most controversial hole in the entire Pacific Northwest
13th Hole at The Creek at Qualchan (333 Yard Par 4)

Bogey Beware:  The number one handicap at Qualchan certainly delivers a challenge to golfers and a serious threat of bogey. Measuring out at 450 yards, this fairly straight hole offers no opportunity to cut some length off on the drive or approach so you've got to play it straight up the whole way. The tree lined narrow fariway slopes to the right and if you leak it too far that direction you'll need to retee since o.b. lurks beyond the trees. After you successfully navigate your tee shot into play you'll be faced with a slightly uphill approach shot to a angled green that runs away from you. The fairly steep slopes on either side of the green make getting up-and-down for par a more difficult proposition so you better hit a pair of great shots and get on the green in two to avoid bogey here.

With the fairway sloping towards o.b., this can be a difficult hole to conquer
12th Hole at The Creek at Qualchan (450 Yard Par 4)

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